The team

Jerry Bryan – Chairman

Jerry BryanOne of the founders of Albion Water, Jerry is currently its chairman. He has over 40 years’ experience in the water industry, has a reputation as an innovator and wants Albion Water to continue to set new standards in resilience and sustainability.



Barry Hayward – Managing Director

Barry has worked in the water industry for 19 years. He joined Albion Water as Managing Director in August 2020. Barry leads the team at Albion Water and is a strong advocate of competition in the water industry. He also manages several other environmentally focused companies and wants to improve the overall value and service developers and customers receive by offering a truly innovative service beyond anything from the regional water companies


David Knaggs – Director of Sustainable Development

David KnaggsDavid is a water industry executive with 30 years’ experience within the public and private sectors. He was responsible for establishing Albion Water’s service provision for domestic customers, running a research programme and restructuring Albion Water's operations in England and Wales. David is focused on maintaining regulatory compliance and delivering sustainable new communities.


Gareth King – Chief Operating Officer

Gareth KingGareth is a civil engineer with 25 years experience in the UK water sector. He has worked across the supply chain as a client, consultant and contractor and joined Albion Water in 2014. As chief operating officer, he currently leads the business development function and is focused upon building strategic relationships with the land and development community to deliver new projects.


Paul Tate – Billing and Customer Services Manager

Paul TatePaul joined Albion Water in 2012, taking over responsibility for the finance and IT functions, later adding customer service and billing to his roles, including being the lead on non-household market opening.



Angela Cutler – Market Analyst 

Angela CutlerAngela joined Albion Water in 2009, leading the customer services division. Her deep knowledge of the New Appointments and Variations (NAV) market means she is ideally placed to liaise with developers, landowners and consultants and provide support to the wider team in securing new NAV appointments.



Victoria Ashton – Technical Manager

Victoria AshtonVictoria has an MSc in water resources technology and management and is an active water industry professional with expertise in the areas of water resources planning, demand management, metering, water efficiency, conservation and optimisation. Joining Albion Water in 2018, Victoria has nearly 15 years’ experience across the industry, working for water companies, consultancies and within the regulation sector.


Neil McGarrick - Site Manager

Neil has worked in the water industry for 36 years, firstly in local government and Southern Water before joining Albion Water in 2009. In that time he has gained vast experience both internally and externally in all aspects of operations, including drainage, treatment, networks, and both capital and flood protection schemes. His career has involved him dealing with customer-related issues and working with an array of engineers, external agencies and contractors.

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